Sprinkling Baby Jack!

In three weeks I’ll have a baby. Less I hope. I wish that any day now I’ll go into labor. But I have a feeling this little guy is going to stay until week 40.


We find out Monday if I’m getting any closer to going into labor. My guess will be no.

But I made it to week 37, which is full term! Celebrate! I won’t be having a premature baby! I also made it to my Baby Shower, which was Sunday. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Many of my friends haven’t even seen the new house yet, so it was fun getting to show it. The food was amazing and we got HOOKED UP with gear for Baby Boy.


I LOVE the door wreaths that my sister made! Plus, they’re multi-purpose. I’ll have to take them apart (sad face) but then I’ve got diapers to use! And cute letters! One of my friends said she walked up and saw the “J N” and thought, “why would they make wreaths for Jennifer Neal? That’s strange.” Then it occurred to her that it was for Jack Neal! Yeah, we’re going to have the same initials! Possibly even all three of the same initials if we use a middle name that begins with “E”! =)


Y’all the food was divine. So much of it was carb-friendly too, so I didn’t have to feel guilty indulging at my own shower! It was all so beautifully arranged on our dining room table, too. So beautiful!

decorGuests & Me

It was so much fun seeing friends and family. And of course, opening gifts was a real treat. Jack is already so loved and we’re good to go on clothing and taking care of him!


You can see the whole album here on our family Flickr page.

I thank everyone for coming and “sprinkling” us with goodies! What a blessing!

Once everyone left, Harper got home and was quite perplexed. She wanted to know why the family room didn’t have any of her toys cluttering the space. And why the living room was full of gift bags. I tried explaining everything to her. But she didn’t listen. Instead she sat at her table and just thought it all over.


Look at that hair! It’s getting so long. And darker. AND CURLY. Last Thursday we went outside to play after school and I caught her playing in the mud. That wasn’t the part that I got tickled at. It was her hair, blowing crazy in the wind.


I think that picture is so precious. My sweet girl. We were having a good time on the slide and then I looked up and she had gotten really quiet. I knew what that meant. She was into mischief.

2016-02-19 20.21.31


Yep, over in the yard, digging in the mud.


I can’t stop her. It’s just too cute. Plus, I remember being the same way. Mud is fun to play in! It’s also really fun to clean up, too.


The next day I dug out her box of dress-up garb. It lasted 35 seconds, then she was over it. One day I know she’ll love dress-up time.

Dress-Up Time!
Dress Up!

(apparently the wand looks like a fly-swatter to her, because she says “shoo fly!” and sorry for the LOUD email notification during the video. I jump every time I watch it.)

We spent the whole day Saturday getting the house cleaned for the shower. A BIG THANKS goes out to my Mom and Geoffrey’s mom for helping! Between them and Geoffrey, the house looked spotless!

We went out to eat that night to avoid making any more messes. And Sunday after church we went out again! We went to Cracker Barrel, an after church favorite. Harper checked all the rockers to ensure that they worked. Then she stacked all the checker pieces. I ate too much and my blood sugar was too high. I don’t know what Geoffrey did. Any meal out these days is an adventure for all.

This week we’ve had lots of fun with our learning activities.

Monday was an ABC puzzle.

Tuesday we made an art piece using a toilet paper roll squished into a heart stamp.


Wednesday we worked on Critical Thinking, matching colored dots on sticks to their picture. This was super tough. First it was all on a piece of paper and that was too difficult, so I cut them out. Also difficult. We’ll try again later!

Thursday we worked on sorting colors using a set I found on Amazon. She LOVED this and did really well. She still struggles to identify the name “orange” and gets pink & red confused, but all this practice is helping, because green used to be a problem, but she’s got it now!

Today on Fine Motor Friday, we worked on lacing again. She always loves this one, and it’s a good skill to practice! This time we used animal lacing frames.

The nursery is ready, my bags are packed, the infant carseat is installed in my car. I’m ready. So I’ve spent my time this week planning and organizing Learning Activities. I put the ideas in binders several weeks ago and this has really come in handy when I’m planning what Harper and I will be doing for the week. I add to them as I find ideas and materials.


This week I got tubs and sorted all the materials. They’re now safely tucked under my desk, ready to roll! They’ve been piled up in the office closet for 2 months and that makes it hard to get to! So I love having them all boxed up and separated into skill.


I also printed a calendar and have been working on planning activities for the whole year. I know! I’m crazy! But I anticipate my priorities and time changing once another kid enters this house. And I don’t want this learning time to fall by the wayside. It’s so important for her (and me too) and I’m using my “free time” now to get ready! It’s a huge relief and I know I’ll be glad I did it. Now when it’s time to sit at the table and do an activity together, I’ve got it all planned out and ready to roll. BOOM!

Well, time waits for no man, and I’ve got more to do around here, so I best finish this post. But before I go, let’s all take a moment to pause and celebrate a big milestone for my Camry. We rolled 100,000 miles this week! And she’s still going strong! (knock on wood). When I glanced down and saw all the zeros, I nearly fainted. Which would have been quite unfortunate since I was driving. I snapped a pic (yes, while driving, get over it) to capture the milestone. I’ve had this car for 8 years this April, and I still love it. I’m about to bring home another baby in it and I couldn’t be happier. I know its time of usefulness will soon fade, but until then, I’m driving it till the wheels fall off!


I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Until next time! =)





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