Nursery Reveal

Putting the nursery together for our sweet baby boy wasn’t all that difficult actually. I knew what bedding I wanted from the beginning, and the rest was just planning around it. It’s been fun putting it all together, and I know it’ll change as our needs change (much like Harper’s room has).

So enjoy the big reveal!


The curtains were the first purchase. I knew (even before the bedding) that I wanted navy in the nursery. I also knew that I wanted these rugby striped panels. We found out the gender and I was on the search for these curtains the next day. They weren’t cheap, but I found them on sale (duh) and snatched them up! I couldn’t wait to hang them. For a few weeks, the nursery was empty, save for these fabulous panels hanging on the window!


The glider and ottoman were purchased from Babies R Us. We bought Harper’s there and it’s been great.Plus I got it and the crib during a sale! =) One piece of advice we were given was to put something over the arm rests. So on Harper’s glider I made covers from her crib bedding. And I’m so glad I did. The amount of times I’ve had to wash them is remarkable. Also, they virtually eliminate the wear & tear that armrests receive over time. It was a great piece of advice. But for baby boy’s room, I was at a loss! I didn’t have any extra crib bedding fabric (since I purchased his and didn’t make it). I even went on a search to find some kind of coordinating fabric. No luck. Until I found these navy striped placemats at Target. PLACEMATS. They are perfect! The perfect size and they’re extremely thick and durable. How about that?


Yes, so his name is Jack! Surprise! (no middle name yet, so don’t ask) I’m quite proud of this little pillow. It was a part of the collection I purchased for the bedding. I used my fancy Silhouette cutting machine to cut out the fabric letters, then sewed them on the pillow. Labor of love. But I’m so happy with this little thing. Geoffrey came home and took one look at it and said, “so I guess we’re naming him Jack?” Oops. I guess I kinda sealed the deal on that one for us.


I loved printing our family pictures out. And when I put them in the room I realized that our outfits even matched the room decor! I know, it sounds like something I would totally plan, but I promise it was just a coincidence.

Isn’t that lamp just perfect? Found it at Garden Ridge (now known as At Home). Unfortunately the swivel glider keeps bumping the table and the lamp is the first to fall off. I’ve already had to move the table over in hopes of preventing a tragic lamp loss.

Speaking of table. I bought that table in college. At Wal-Mart. It’s been stained, then painted, then painted again. We had it green in our family room at the old house and so I thought it was perfect for Jack’s room! Only needed to tidy it up a bit.


Remember when I was working on the mobile? Here it is! Another Labor of Love. I always find these ideas and think, “oh I can totally do that!” and it ends up being more than I realized. I used a circle punch to cut out the scrapbook paper. Then I used my sewing machine to sew them together in strands. Then I attached the strands to an embroidery hoop that I painted navy. Cute eh?


Someone once asked me, “why do you have a TV in a baby’s room?” I don’t remember why I put one in Harper’s room. Maybe it was because it was already in there when the room was an office/guest bedroom so we never moved it out. Maybe I had excellent foresight and knew it’d be needed. Regardless, it was a no-brainer to put one in Baby Boy’s room. It’s obviously for me, not him. When I can barely keep my eyes open during those 3am feedings, it’s helpful to have the TV on quietly to keep me awake. When Harper was born, I dug out all my Friends DVDs and watched season after season. Those short 20 minute episodes were light and entertaining. As Harper got older, it turned into her TV. At some point those morning feedings turned into sippy cups of milk. And those Friends episodes were replaced with cartoons. Each morning we sit and rock together (though it’s a tight squeeze these days), both trying to wake up. I love this routine and it’s often my most favorite time of the day.  In Baby Boy’s room, I dug out the Friends DVDs again and they’re ready to roll. I also anticipate Harper sitting in there with us and watching cartoons while I’m feeding her brother. Probably I should get her a chair, too. =)

The dresser is a purchase of mine when I graduated college. I bought a whole French Provincial vintage furniture set with one of my first paychecks. =) Then I sanded them all down and painted them white. We used some of the pieces & painted them brown when Geoffrey and I got married. Then we gave them all to Geoffrey’s mom when we bought our first bedroom set. One piece at a time, we’ve slowly taken them all back. Sorry Cloy! ;o) There’s a term for people like us, but I find it terribly offensive, so I won’t use it. Let’s just say I’m sorry we’re those people who give something away then ask for it back. Geoffrey stained this piece for us and I painted the handles navy. It will hold lots of baby boy clothes and blankets!


I’m so excited about my crib bedding. I mean, his crib bedding. I was eyeing it on Pottery Barn and waiting for it to go on sale. When it finally did, I still couldn’t fathom the price. So I got on ebay. I found a brand new set, still in the bags with the tags on, for a fraction of the price. I get all nervous buying on ebay, but it had a free return policy. When it came in the mail, I thoroughly inspected it and found it without default. So I washed it and now have it displayed proudly! I love the plaid pattern. It’s so precious to me.

I found the rug at Hobby Lobby and decided it was perfect too. Putting a rug on top of carpet seems silly, I know. But babies have a habit of…. making messes… so a rug that can be thrown in the washer is handy.

Recognize the crib? It’s the same as Harper’s, only in cherry. We love her crib. It’s decently priced. And you can move it around. And it’s got that classic traditional look that I adore.

I made the “Jack” art on the wall out of scrapbook paper. It looks so lonely up there by itself. I’ll be adding a frame eventually. And then a big ugly baby monitor camera and cord will be sitting below it. Super.


This changing table matches the crib. I wasn’t too fond of the idea of a changing table. I wanted to use a dresser like we did in Harper’s room, but we simply didn’t have the space in this room! I like the idea of putting everything in drawers, and I like having the diapers and wipes right next to the changing pad. So this will be an adjustment for me. I purchased a diaper caddy to keep the wipe warmer. It’s hanging on the side there. We’ll see if it works.  The changing pad cover was also an ebay purchase. On Pottery Barn it was much too expensive. And considering how often it gets… messed up… I didn’t want to pay a lot of money here. So I found it on ebay. Only it belonged to Chester. I know this because his name was embroidered on it. This seller actually had a bunch of these changing pads, all embroidered. I don’t get it. Maybe she does this for a living and the person didn’t buy it after all? I dunno. I just know it didn’t look used. So I bought it and ripped all the thread out. Another, you guessed it, labor of love. But it saved me a ton of money and gave me the look I wanted. Plus, Pottery Barn knows what they’re doing with this stuff. I swear that changing pad cover looks like it could survive a nuclear fallout. This is good because they’re washed 100 times a week. Too bad Chester didn’t have another one that I could keep around as a spare. Though I’m not sure I could take ripping out all that thread again. It was painful.

See those frames hanging above the table? I hung some of my favorite Scriptures & ultrasound pics on them.

bible verses BOY

I attached them to cardstock and laminated them. I love it! While I was at it, I attached some ultrasound pictures to cardstock and laminated them. Remember that story? What an idiot! However, at the doctor’s office Monday I asked her to reprint them. Now I’m holding onto them for dear life.

So there’s Jack’s room! What do you think? I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to bring him home and start putting it to use!



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